Tim Ernst


Akita, Akita


Tim Ernst is a freelance American illustrator and photographer
living and working in Japan. Though trained in both oil painting and watercolors, his chosen medium has now primarily become colored pencil, graphite pencil. and digital photography A member of the CPSA for several years, his works have appeared in solo and group exhibitions throughout Japan and internationally. In addition to his fine arts colored pencil illustrations, he is also a published cartoonist and humorous illustrator. "I love the challenge of the technically tight realistic illustrations I do along with the discipline needed to execute them, but I also enjoy the not -so- tight humorous cartoon work I do too.
In addition to his artwork, Tim Ernst is also an avid photographer who enjoys combining his illustration work with his photography
Tim Ernst is available for colored pencil portraits and humorous caricature commissions.
"Art is a passion, and without passion in your life there is no art.


Glow by Tim Ernst


The Phesant king by Tim Ernst


That Cat by Tim Ernst


Wooden Buckets all in a row by Tim Ernst


contemplation by Tim Ernst


the crane fountain by Tim Ernst


Pheasant DigiArtwork by Tim Ernst


Ramen Hound by Tim Ernst


The Steady gaze by Tim Ernst


brass handles by Tim Ernst


Winter not gone by Tim Ernst


The Snow Bird by Tim Ernst


old woman leaf by Tim Ernst


An old new photo by Tim Ernst


The Japanese girl by Tim Ernst


A path well chosen by Tim Ernst


The Pond by Tim Ernst


Chisadellic by Tim Ernst


digital nude by Tim Ernst


A road less travelled by Tim Ernst


The snowy white Egret by Tim Ernst


twisted by Tim Ernst


The girl in the straw hat by Tim Ernst


Pagoda side view by Tim Ernst


surrealitic girl by Tim Ernst